Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation (GFST) is a global not-for-profit apolitical think tank registered as a Section-8 Company under the Indian Companies Act with the stated objects of pursue as Promote Entrepreneurship and Start-ups, Technology Promotion, Promote Social Entrepreneurship, Promote Social Development, Combat Climate Change, Policy and Advocacy, Support to Weak States, Forum Activities.

GFST’s Goal is to emerge as a foremost forum for synergizing wide-ranging thought, knowledge and actions amongst people and society for sustainable transformation.

GFST objective is to catalyst inclusive and sustainable transformation amongst people and society coupled with green economic growth by facilitating knowledge sharing, building partnership and nurturing innovative ideas amongst a range of stakeholders across public and private sector, academia, civil society and the community. Focusing in the areas of technology uptake, institutional change and enterprise building, GFST proposes to establish a knowledge aggregator platform onboarding a variety of products and services across the value chains from accessing information to entrepreneurship and start-up support.

GFST is a network of people led by a team of proven leaders and professionals from various walks of life. Alongside, contribution of high intellectual capital is also leveraged through knowledge exchange and partnership building over the knowledge platform from across the world. The various verticals that currently constitute the core of GFST operations include – India@2047, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Logistics, Manufacturing, MSME and ODOP, Industry and Services 4.0, Digital Technology and Data Analytics, and Start-Up Ecosystem.