Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu (birth 20 April 1950) is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation (GFST). Born in a farming family, he is currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Previously, he served as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh from 1995 to 2004, before the re-organization of the state and again as the First Chief Minister of the residual state of Andhra Pradesh from 2014 to 2019 after the state’s re-organization in 2014. In between he was the Leader of the Opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly from 2004 to 2014. He is also the National President of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP. Mr. Naidu’s name is synonymous with the development of Hyderabad as the happening IT city of India during the 1990s and early 2000s when he successfully persuaded many international IT and other high-tech firms to open offices in Hyderabad and invest in growing their global business from here.

He pioneered in Hyderabad infra projects such as Hitec City, HiTex Exhibition Centre, Genome Valley, Hyderabad International Airport, Outer Ring Road, etc. which later became the standard bearers of private and PPP investments in the country. Along with this, Mr. Naidu is also known for is pioneering contribution towards supporting livelihoods through women’s self-help group, sustainable livelihood based participatory watershed development, community-based water conservation and participation of farmers in management of irrigation projects. It was under his chief ministership that Andhra Pradesh became the first state in India to formulate an legislation for participation irrigation management and empowered water user associations by establishing over 10,000 WUAs across major, medium and minor irrigation projects. For the systematic and planned development of Andhra Pradesh, his government became the first in the country to prepare a State Vision Development Plan in 2000 - the Swarna Andhra Pradesh Vision 2020. Similarly, after becoming the first Chief Minister of the residual state of Andhra Pradesh in 2014, his government again prepared the State Vision Development Plan in 2015 – the Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Vision 2029 under which the state of Andhra Pradesh achieved double-digit economic growth for 4 continuous years between 2015-19. He also pioneered use of IT enabled services for a number of citizen services and e-governance projects through e-Seva as a single window approach to ease accessibility.

Mr. Naidu chaired the National IT Panel under the National Democratic Alliance (India) government and was the Chairman of National Task Force on Micro-irrigation for Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture in 2003. He was the head of 13-member Committee of Chief Ministers to promote digital payment systems and financial inclusion in India which was constituted by the central government in 2016. He was described as one of the "hidden seven" working wonders of the world by Profit (Oracle Corporation's monthly magazine) and was offered an honorary professorship by US Business School, the Kellogg School of Management in 2000. Mr. Naidu has won a number of awards from national and international forums, including IT Indian of the Millennium from India Today, Business Person of the Year by The Economic Times, South Asian of the Year from Time Asia, Golden Peacock Award for Leadership in Public Service & Economic Transformation, and membership in the World Economic Forum's Dream Cabinet. It is most appropriate to say that Mr. Naidu is one of the most development-oriented politician and chief minister in India who has a very astute vision of promoting technology use for governance and economic development of the people.

Shri S.P Tucker IAS (Retd.) (birth 7 August 1956) is a Founder Director of Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation (GFST). In his previous role as the Chief Secretary (2016-17) to Government of Andhra Pradesh, he played a pivotal role in building Vision for the state, setting up the Vision Management Unit, designing Smart Village and Smart Ward Programme and initiating measures for achieving Double Digit growth, which the state achieved 4 years in a row. As the Chief Secretary, he was also in-charge of Planning and was also Agricultural Production Commissioner where he initiated a number of development projects. In his previous role as the Executive Vice Chairman of Economic Development Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh; CEO of Strategic Institute for Transforming Andhra Pradesh he played an instrumental role in fostering strategic networking and at the same time envisaged innovative and best practices.

He is most noted for launching a massive Social Mobilization project in Andhra Pradesh under which he mobilized 6 lakh women SHG members under a project for South Asian countries as Project Co-ordinator- U.N Development Program and for leading the DFID supported AP Livelihoods Programme resulting in introducing Watershed approach to Sustainable livelihoods which was considered during modification of the National Guidelines of Watershed in India. He has also lent exceptional leadership to Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project with JICA and Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and Transformation Project with World Bank. In his 35+ years of his service, he is trusted to be one of the finest administrators and policy practitioners. He has pioneered designing and implementing projects on poverty reduction through woman Self-Help Groups; livelihoods- based watershed programmes and participatory irrigation management. He is also known for his efforts in fostering convergence, people-centric approaches and governance.