I established the Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation (GFST) in March 2020 as a platform for promoting sustainable transformation of global economies and communities for people’s well-being and happiness. This we intent to do through knowledge uberization, policy research, advocacy and setting up a start-up ecosystem. The vision is to create a platform space for networking, mentorship support and investment funding to nurture innovative entrepreneurship in India and across the world.

However, immediately on establishing GFST as a non-government company registered under Section 8 of the India’s Company Act, 2013 India and the world were engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic, which continued to disrupt our normal way of life for well over two years. During this time GFST re-focussed its energy and resources towards making its small contribution towards fighting the pandemic through maintaining a website dedicated to covid-19 information, webinars, research articles and weekly bulletins based on analysis of pandemic data for assessment of the current status and short-term forecast of pandemic behaviour.

GFST | Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu | Chairman | Chairman's Message

Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu,
Chairman & Director

The purpose was to create awareness amongst people through sound medical advisory and scientific analysis, especially to counter the then widely circulating unreliable pandemic related information circulated through the social media. The weekly bulletins were also shared with senior decision-makers in the Government of India such as the PMO and Niti Aayog to support in our small way evidence-based decisions making using the data analysis and the short-term forecast of pandemic behaviour made by the GFST team.

Now that covid-19 pandemic is mostly in the wane, we are returning back to our original purpose and embarking on two projects, namely developing a Vision India@2047 and establishing the Start-Up Ecosystem.

The objective of the Vision India@2047 is to research in identified select focal areas of India’s economy to formulate, advocate and precipitate action plans around policy reforms, sectoral strategies and market interventions. The aim is to contribute towards making India a developed economy in it multi-dimensionality by 2047 when India celebrates its 100th year of independence.

Secondly, GFST will now return to its venture of establishing a Start-Up Ecosystem around select innovation-intensive, high-growth commodities and services to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship across India in line with Industry 4.0 / Services 4.0 developments.

If you share our vision and are inclined to contribute in the future economic growth of India, I invite you to partner with GFST in its ventures for our mutual benefit and for the well-being of humanity across the globe.